Choosing The Best Sealcoating Material

Worker use vibratory plate compactor

Sealcoating is a technique that is used on asphalt surfaces, and it offers protection from oxidation and related damage that are caused by UV rays, cracks, and normal traffic. Sealcoating is employed by contractors when it comes to paving roads, driveways, walkways and even parking lots. It is usually recommended that sealcoating processes be repeated yearly. It can extend the life of asphalt surface for more than 30 years. Sealcoating can also enhance the look of your driveways, giving it a clean, uniform appearance. Here’s a good read about best concrete driveway sealer, check it out!

There are three fundamental types of sealcoating products that are in use today. The first one is the coal tar. Coal tar is a by-product of steel-making processes, the crude coke oven tar. It is the most famous kind of sealant that you find on the market. It is considered than most durable, resilient and oil and gasoline resistant. In fact, it is preferred on roads where there are heavy traffic and exposure to petroleum trucks. However, there have been environmental implications of the use of this sealant. It has been demonstrated that they can be the potential health risk when they are inhaled. To gather more awesome ideas on Pavement Planet,  click here to get started.

Then there are asphalt emulsions. It is based on crude oil and is composed of a blend of emulsion chemicals and fillers plus, and pigments. It is famous for its low odor qualities and does not have irritating compounds. For these reasons, they are considered safe to handle and use. Emulsion works by putting a barrier between the asphalt and the things or elements found in the surrounding that can cause damages to it.

While the asphalt emulsion has almost the same benefits as the refined coal-tar-based products, the tar-based is known to be stronger and more resilient when it comes to the leaks and petroleum spills products, salt solutions, and UV rays on the roadways. Nevertheless, the asphalt-based products are seen as superior for air quality reasons since they do not come with high levels of volatile organic compounds such as those you can find in coal-tar products.


Lastly is the acrylics. It is generated in different colors. It is normally considered one of the specialty product, and for this reason, it is more expensive. Typically, it is used to sea driveways, specific parking areas, golf cart paths, or other places where clients want the pavement to have a unique look.

Subject to the purpose of the paved surface, a dissimilar sealcoating material may be used. Property owners will likely use a water-based emulsion that contains water, clay fillers, latex, polymers, other additives, and either coal tar or asphalt. Paving services will likely use coal tar for most applications. Businesses may use asphalt emulsion based on parking lots and walkways since it has a lower odor. Regardless of the application, sealcoating aids when it comes to preserving the quality of your surfaces as well as extend the same. Kindly visit this website for  more useful reference.


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